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Domenica Catelli Wild Boar Recipe

The team is in for a treat to have Domenica Catelli prepare the wild boar harvested earlier in the day. Clip from the “Field To Table” episode of Dead Dog Walkin’ showing on The Sportsman Channel.

Domenica is co-owner of Catelli’s, a restaurant located in the heart of Sonoma.

Domenica Catelli has positively influenced the way millions of families eat and prepare food across the United States with her tasty, easy, and healthy approach to cooking.

Catelli is a recurring judge on Iron Chef America, a guest on CBS News and Oprah and Friends on XM radio, and has been featured in Southern Living magazine, WebMD the Magazine, and She is the national spokesperson for the Organic Trade Association and has been the brand ambassador and chef spokesperson for several organic, healthy products, including Safeway’s O Organics line. Celebrities and VIPs such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, and Nelson Mandela have enjoyed her food. She has helped companies further their goals of education, outreach, and going green, including Safeway, Stonyfield Farms, T-Mobile, and Cooking Light.

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