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As Chad chases the waterfowl migration, each new episode, brings you a behind-the-scenes experience at different Duck Hunting Camps across the U.S. Here you’ll get to hear from industry leaders, expert waterfowl hunters, professional athletes and folks that are just as obsessed as you are about waterfowl hunting. You’ll find advice on choosing the right gear, learn new hunting strategies, duck calling techniques, how to prepare wild game and so much more.

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Duck Dogs Podcast Series Fueled by Eukanuba

Every Monday we will post a new episode dedicated to our most trusted hunting partners, our duck dogs. Leading experts in the field of sporting dogs will join us to talk about nutrition, training techniques and other topics to help keep your gun dog in top shape for the hunting season! Don’t miss an episode by subscribing to The Fowl Life Podcast in your podcast app! We’re excite to be partnered with Eukanuba Sporting Dog to bring you these episodes.

WILDFOWL 2020 Giant Gear Guide Podcast Series

WILDFOWL and The Fowl Life are teaming up for an exciting podcast series that explores the 2020 WILDFOWL’s Giant Gear Issue. We will discuss with the experts in; calls, ammo & chokes, decoys, apparel, boats and motors, retrievers accessories, hunting accessories, blinds, shotguns and more. Don’t miss an episode by subscribing to The Fowl Life Podcast in your podcast app!