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Take Em Dreaming Teaser

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The Fowl Life crew kicks off the 2017-18 season with a trip north to Alberta, Canada.

This Life Ain’t For Everybody Podcast

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This Life Ain’t For Everybody is a conversation, a discussion, a chat, a simple talk between Chad Belding and his guests. Guests and Topics will range from hunting to conservation to…

Bird Fever with Revolution Radio with Jim & Trav

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Chad Belding joins Jim & Tav on Revolution Radio to give tips on scouting, concealment and calling. Listen in either of these locations: (Chad begins at time: 11:30) Website Podcast

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 New Features

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After the hunt in California Chad talks with George Thomas, Benelli's Director of Product Management, and learns about the new and improved features of the best waterfowl shotgun on the…

Waterfowl Hunting TV Show

Watch on the Outdoor Channel 

The Fowl Life is a journey that promises to never stop. Our goal is to bring you heart pounding action as well as in depth instruction to each episode. Each week, we will chase waterfowl (mallards, geese and more) in areas that we love to call home. Come along with us as we take the cameras all over the United States.

Episode Guide

  • Episode 1- Getting Things Started Right (Week of June 20)

    Introducing new friends and new hunters to our lifestyle, the crew welcomes Oakley to our team in early season South Dakota.

  • Episode 2 – A Trip of Firsts (Week of June 27)

    Chad shows Team Oakley the full experience of being an American hunter, from calling, to harvesting, to cooking. Then the crew leave the early season of South Dakota for the promised land of the Canadian migration.

  • Episode 3 – Oh Canada! Pt. 1 (Week of July 4)

    Transitioning from early season struggles to the magic of the Canadian migration.

  • Episode 4 – Oh Canada! Pt. 2 (Week of July 11)

    With the crew in the thick of the Canadian migration, we live off the land with international cuisine.

  • Episode 5 – The Fight For Our Future (Week of July 18)

    California is at the forefront of the battle for both our hunting and second amendment rights. Join Chad as he dives into the politics of one of our least friendly hunting states with D.U. president Paul Bonderson, Senator Tom Barryhill, and the C.W.A..

  • Episode 6 – The Future (Week of July 26)

    America’s youth are the key to our hunting future. Join the crew as they dive into what hunters and hunting associations like the C.W.A. are doing in California to ensure our hunting heritage is passed down to future generations.

  • Episode 7 – Timing is Everything (Week of August 1)

    As the crew find out, timing is everything when El Nino is in town up in North Dakota.

  • Episode 8 – It Feels Good (Week of October 8)

    With nothing but one more magical mallard hunt left in North Dakota, the crew head south to meet the winner of the Federal Premium Ammunition Sweepstakes Hunt. Their hopes are high for a strong hunt but soon realize that Kansas had other plans.

  • Episode 9 – The Nebraska Act (Week of October 17)

    We meet up with Team Cabela’s and Team Banded in Nebraska to take on excellent goose hunting and … the “Diet Burger Challenge.”

  • Episode 10 – Homegrown (Week of October 10)

    The crew meet up with Drake White and Zac Brown on the Grand Prairie of Arkansas to experience duck camp the way it was intended. The Prairie Wings camp and its flooded timber serve as the backdrop to a magical few days of the duck season.

  • Episode 11 – Get Me to Hagerman (Week of October 24)

    Hagerman, Idaho is a special place for mallard hunting. Hagerman Wings Farms is the crown jewel of this special place and the crew have been invited to experience Hagerman Wings Farm by its founder and developer, John Shaw.

  • Episode 12 – The Eastern Shore (Week of October 31)

    The crew head east to the historical Eastern Shore of Maryland to experience everything from decoy museums to decoy carvers to crab dinners to Canada goose hunts to just about anything that sets this place atop the list of waterfowl hunting destinations!

  • Episode 13 – Stillwater Whiteout (Week of November 7)

    The Fowl Life crew are back on the Front Range of Colorado to join their friends at Stillwater Outfitters. They will experience Canada goose hunting the way it is meant as well as learn techniques that the Stillwater crew lives by.

Stay tuned for future episode descriptions. See more on the Outdoor Channel Website.

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