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december, 2022

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The Story Behind Making Realtree MAX-7 Camo Pattern

| Season 14, The Fowl Life | No Comments
We're duck and goose hunting in the Butte Sink of California to put the new Realltree MAX-7 Camo pattern to the test. Plus, Bill and Tyler Jordan share the story…

Creating Waterfowl Habitat with California Waterfowl Association

| Conservation, Season 14, The Fowl Life | No Comments
The Fowl Life team meets up with California Waterfowl to see what goes into creating efficient waterfowl habitat to maximize the feed but also working with Fish and Game and…

Rocket Netting & Duck Banding with California Waterfowl Conservation

| Season 14, The Fowl Life | No Comments
We join the team at California Waterfowl Assoication to rocket netting waterfowl to help their banding process and improve conservation efforts. We also join up with Rocque Merlo and Yancy…

25 Hunters Share Their Best Hunting Tips

| Hunting Tips, The Fowl Life | No Comments
When it comes to introducing the next generation of our youth to hunting or even an adult who might be brand new to the culture and lifestyle, two things come…

Waterfowl Hunting TV Show

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The Fowl Life is a journey that promises to never stop. Our goal is to bring you heart pounding action as well as in depth instruction to each episode. Each week, we will chase waterfowl (mallards, geese and more) in areas that we love to call home. Come along with us as we take the cameras all over the United States.