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What Is Life on the Road Like?

By March 18, 2014July 28th, 2014The Fowl Life

The Fowl Life journey typically starts in September with a long road trip to Canada to start the waterfowl season!  Canada is considered a Mecca to most waterfowl hunters, with plenty of birds, many of whom have never heard a call, or seen a decoy spread!  While it is a trip of a lifetime, it has it’s difficulties non the less!  Countless hours of preparation, many long miles behind the wheel, and border crossings set the stage for a non-stop grind!  Early mornings and late nights keep the cast and crew running on passion alone…and a little bit of caffeine!  This routine carries on for weeks until the migration passes on by, and the footage needed is captured.  The journey definitely does not stop here!  From Alberta to Arkansas, Chad and crew travel all over looking for the perfect hunt, from Canada geese, to mallard ducks, frozen fields, to timber holes, no stone is left un-turned!  It is not un-common for the trucks to have 30,000 more miles on them when they finally finish filming one season of the Fowl Life!  It has never been about killing as many birds as possible, it has always been about sharing good times with friends and family, and getting to see all of what nature has to offer.  There have been many sacrifices made to fulfill this dream, and we would not have it any other way!