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This Life Ain’t For Everybody Podcast

This Life Ain’t For Everybody is a conversation, a discussion, a chat, a simple talk between Chad Belding and his guests. Guests and Topics will range from hunting to conservation to sports to music to current events and everything in between. We want you to join us each week for conversation that might spark a memory or even inspire an idea! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to get updates on new episodes!



Episode 10 – Leith Loftin – Nashville Singer-songwriter
This podcast has the feeling of sitting around a campfire telling stories and listening to music and guitar playing by Leith Loftin. Leith talks about the life of a musician in Nashville and his stories behind writing his songs like 50 Years Too Late, Wingman, When the Money’s All Gone and other favorites. Find Leith on Instagram at @leithalweapon1
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Episode 9 – Dan “Hendo” Henderson – MMA Legend and One Hell of a Man
Honda is known around the world as an MMA Legend who did his talking with his wrestling and his hands! When we say hands, we are referring to the “H-Bomb”, the most feared right hand in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Even after all of the fights, all of the wins, just a few losses, and having a fan base that is spread all over the world, Hendo has refused to let celebrity and success go to his head. He continues to stay grounded and treat people as if they are the only one in the room. His success has carried over into his personal life as he raises an awesome family, builds a successful business, and represents brands that still cherish him as the Bad Ass that he was, and is!! He might do his talking with other things these days besides his wrestling and hands as his arsenal now includes a Benelli, a bow, a grill, and a ski boat as well as that same smile that made him the face of MMA for so many years! Find Hendo on Instagram at @danhendo.
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Episode 8 – Scotty Lago – World Champion and Olympic Medalist Snowboarder + Outdoorsman
Scotty has been on the big stage so many times and he has proven that dedication, commitment, hard work, and vision can lead to a life full of blessings. These blessings can include traveling the world, making friends, dropping in on 22 foot half pipes with the world watching, and having more then a few medals hung around your neck! Scotty is humble and he is a bad ass! He is a hunter and he is a conservationist! He is a friend and he is in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio. Find Lago on Instagram at @scottylago.
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Episode 7 – Chad & His Duck Call
Brought to you by our friends at Elite Duck Calls. Chad has a conversation with the listeners and discusses duck hunting and duck calling. From choosing a call to learning the vocabulary of the mallard hen to reading the duck’s body language plus more will be on todays menu. Chad also answers questions from fans and listeners. Just a guy with a duck call and a microphone is all it is but maybe you will find something in here that you can jive with. WARNING: Chad does operate his duck call during this Podcast so there is a chance that it will become annoying. Find Chad on Instagram at @thefowllifetv.
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Episode 6 – Dave Stanley – Outdoor Renaissance Man
Dave’s accomplishments are to plentiful to list and the best part about him is that he is as humble as the day is long. From fly fishing the world to hunting every big game animal in the western United States to pursuing every species of waterfowl that the flyways hold, Dave has, well you can say, “been there, done that”. Join Dave and Chad as they discuss topics ranging from conservation to politics to youth hunting to the overall lifestyle that hunting provides. What seemed like ten minutes ended up being over two hours of an in depth conversation that left both Chad and Dave wanting to keep going. Dave has surely lived a life that isn’t for everybody, but one thing is for sure, it has allowed him to not only write his story, but to solidity it in stone.
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Episode 5 – Rocque Merlo and Brad Forsythe – California Waterfowl
Our podcast is geared towards highlighting the different walks of life that make up our communities, homes, and camps. As we travel the country, we are blessed to meet so many awesome people! Rocque and Brad are just that! Both of them are all about family, friends, work ethic, hunting, conservation, and making memories! They join Chad in the studio to discuss current events, hunt memories, growing up in the Butte Sink, working the land, introducing new folks and kids to the outdoors, and where the state of affairs in California is headed! We are humbled to have them make the trip to our studio, now it is time to see if these three can get a laugh or two out of the listeners and if a mic drop will happen. Find Merlo Waterfowl on Instagram at @merlo_waterfowl
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Episode 4 – UFC Star Chad Mendes & Professional Trainer Matt Pendola
Chad Mendes has a nickname of “Money”, not because he chases it, but because his right hand is right on it! He is a Mixed Martial Arts Bad Ass who has fought the best, beat the best, and has been a true man when he did face defeat. He believes in living life just like he believes in preparing for and being in a scramble! Work hard, stay humble, have fun, and treat people just as you want to be treated. Although he is a celebrity, he loves to wet a line, draw back his bow, or squeeze the trigger with all walks of life through his successful outfitting business, Finz and Feathers Guide Service. Matt Pendola is a successful trainer who believes in “making a better you” on a daily basis. Chad Mendes and Matt Pendola are like two peas in a pod! They join Chad Belding in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio to discuss things from training to nutrition to eating wild game to dealing with haters! They also answer fan questions from Instagram Live and maybe even form a future partnership! This Podcast…is Right on the Money!! Find Chad Mendes on Instagram at @chadmendes and Pendola Training at @pendolaproject.
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Episode 3 – Battle Born
This podcast is brought to you by our friends at Savage Arms. Chad is joined by Clint, Clay, and Alex from Team Dead dog Walkin’ as well as by Traeger Hot Shot Jim Rhea. On the menu for discussion was the mountain lifestyle, predator management, big game hunting, chukar hunting, fine tuning your grill skills, and anything else that popped into the minds of these Providers. Some of it was scattered, but in the end, it was all tied together with the same common thread of the outdoors and hunt camp. These guests all come from different walks of life but it sure felt like they were cut from the same cloth for these two hours. Find Clay Belding on Instagram at @deaddogwalkin.
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Episode 2 – Matt Pendola & Les Naisbitt – Training For The Hunt
Matt Pendola founder of Pendola Training, is a high level endurance coach and accomplished runner and cyclist. Les Naisbitt is 77 years old and a retired construction business owner. Matt has trained athletes from all over the country at every level. Les has hunted and successfully harvested every big game animal in North America, making him a member of the North American Slam Club. Both lead different walks of live but they have so much in common. Matt and Les join Chad to discuss a healthy lifestyle and how to make better decisions when it comes to working out, nutrition, and longevity! The time flew and at the end of it all, all three agreed that nobody has the perfect life, and that their lives aren’t for everybody. Find Pendola Training at @pendolaproject.
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Episode 1 – John David Stanley – Waterfowl & Fishing Guide
John David Stanley is a waterfowl hunter and conservationist. He won the World Junior Goose Calling Championship in 2001 and has finished in the top 10 of the World Duck Calling Championship 7 times. He is a life long friend and we are glad to have him on the podcast. Follow JD on Instagram @jd.stanley.

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