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The Fowl Life Season 5 Episode 1 – The Great White Hype

By August 20, 2013July 28th, 2014The Fowl Life

Species – Snow Geese
Location – North America – Secret Spot

This week on The Fowl Life with Chad Belding, the spring snow goose migration is trying it’s best to avoid the gang!  Thousands of decoys, piles of gear, and all the equipment is on the move, as the crew tries to figure out where the birds want to stop.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and the guys were going to live that statement all week long!

After a long season of hunting, we look forward to the spring depredation hunt as it marks the beginning of a short, but well-needed break.  In many years past these hunts were pretty easy to predict, this year would prove to be very different.  The birds were late on their migration, and caused mass confusion for The Fowl Life crew.  The team was forced to pull out of the originally planned state and start the process fresh.  The move would prove to be a fruitful one!

As the birds began to flood into the field, the Escorts began to ring!  Flock after flock could not resist the spread, and even the most seasoned snow goose hunters could not help but watch the hunts unfold in awe.  Just when it felt like we could do no wrong, Mother Nature felt like making us work a little bit harder.  The wind changing on a couple dozen decoys is not a big deal, the wind changing on 1,200 will breakdown the most hardened of hunter.  Persistence and hard work would ultimately pay-off and the opening episode for The Fowl Life season 5 would be one for the books!

Conservation is the key word in these spring snow goose hunts.  With populations of snow geese growing out of control and the effects of their feeding habits being felt by agriculturists across the country and Canada, it is crucial we lend a hand to thin the herd!  Join us this week as the crew empty some Black Cloud boxes, and “fellowship a little bit in the blind!”