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SecureIt Gun Storage Partnership

By January 9, 2023June 13th, 2023The Fowl Life

Chad Belding of “The Fowl Life” and SecureIt Tactical Inc. today announced that they have reached a three-year agreement to feature SecureIt as an official sponsor of “The Fowl Life” through 2025. SecureIt products will be showcased across all the various “The Fowl Life” channels, including television, podcast, website, and social media. The two brands will also be unveiling “The Fowl Life Ultimate Shotgun Safe”, a custom SecureIt Answer™ Lightweight Model 8 Gun Safe featuring the exact accessories that Chad Belding uses in his own safe.

In addition, SecureIt is creating a custom outfitted “The Fowl Life” trailer with products for storing guns, gear, and ammo that will be featured in 2023, 2024, and 2025 episodes. They will also be airing commercial spots in the 2024 and 2025 episodes and will have organic commercial reads on “The Fowl Life” podcast. The cast and crew of “The Fowl Life” will also promote SecureIt at live events, including NWFT convention, dealer shows, concerts, NASCAR races, military events, and fundraisers, amongst others.

“Gun safety is such a critical component of the provider lifestyle – and SecureIt is an industry leader that I know I can rely on when it comes to securing my guns,” said Chad Belding, Host of “The Fowl Life”. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with such a trustworthy company and to offer fans the opportunity to purchase ‘The Fowl Life Ultimate Shotgun Safe’, which is exactly what I use down to the accessories.”

“We’re very excited to partner with ‘The Fowl Life’ and create something we’ve never done before,” said Chris Panebianco, Chief Marketing Officer at SecureIt. “’The Fowl Life’ brand has such a loyal following, so we wanted to go above and beyond a traditional sponsorship. Launching ‘The Fowl Life Ultimate Shotgun Safe’ – and giving an inside look at how Chad actually stores his guns with SecureIt – brings our partnership to life in a way you might not expect. This is just the first of many ways SecureIt will transform the gun storage industry, and we can’t wait for gunowners everywhere to see what we’ll do next.”

“I met Chad last year while filming ‘Agents of Change’ on the Sportsman Channel and I was extremely impressed,” said Tom Kubiniec, President and Chief Executive Officer at SecureIt. “’The Fowl Life’ team has such a unique perspective on hunting waterfowl and do a great job of educating their viewers along the way – similar to our approach at SecureIt about gun safes. As an avid hunter, I’m looking forward to becoming the official gun storage sponsor for ‘The Fowl Life’ and working with Chad to develop gun storage solutions designed specifically for the shotgun community.”

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