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1. Hunt ‘Em Where They Eat

Avoid hunting water, the roost, where “they live.” Generally, your early goose season won’t present opportunities at “new” birds – consistent migrating flocks that have recently showed up in the area. So, sacrifice one incredible hunt for several great hunts to ensure extended, successful hunts throughout your early goose season, by hunting them off their roost – in a neutral location.

2. Bring A Flag

Early in the year, the birds seem to be less concentrated, stressed and concerned about finding food, etc. Using subtle movements with a flag can help put them where they need to be and not at the edge of your spread.

3. Make Some Noise Or None At All

Lack of stress and an abundance of youthfulness will offer plenty of opportunities to both, tuck ’em in tight and put ’em to sleep. Use the early season as your “pre-season” training, if you will, to gauge the effectiveness of your calling and more importantly, the timing of your calling. In doing so, you’ll be fit before the “tough” ones show up later in the year.

4. Bring ‘Em Back – Get ‘Em All

Don’t give up on birds that get away after you shoot, hit the comeback hard, young geese will often make another swing… and another… and another.

5. Strategize And Time

Often times, early in the year, you will find yourself limited on where you can hunt due to standing crop, etc. Try to be strategic about where you choose to hunt them. Time your hunts based on what you have available now, and what you will have available in a few days, or the next week. They will be a little easier to persuade to an “unusual” location early in the year. “Run some traffic” – if you will.

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