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25 Hunters Share Their Best Hunting Tips

When it comes to introducing the next generation of our youth to hunting or even an adult who might be brand new to the culture and lifestyle, two things come to my mind, Comfort and Success.

I want the newbie to experience the hunt from beginning to end while staying dry, staying as warm as possible, and being comfortable from the early morning light to the end of the day.

With today’s gear and technology, hunters are able to stay in the outdoors for longer periods of time while allowing themselves to stay focused on the task instead of the elements.

The next secret to getting a new hunter hooked on the game is to let that new Hunter experience some success in their first time or first couple experiences out in the field. It is hard to stay confident when success isn’t an option.

Try to put them in a situation where they will have high odds of tasting success.

After these two elements are achieved, then we can start preparing the new Hunter for the many lessons they will be taught in scouting, shooting, calling wild game, butchering, processing, cooking wild game, etc.

Let them be comfortable and let them get a win under their belt, and then take them to class!

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