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The Fowl Life Series Calls

By September 4, 2014September 12th, 2014The Fowl Life

New this season are the Fowl Life Series Banded Calls. Purchase them at


Upper-Cut Duck Call

  • Arkansas-style single reed design
  • Beefed-up rasp
  • Beefed-up volume
  • Open water style
  • Power-packed call for power-packed calling


Double-Cut Duck Call

  • Arkansas-style double reed design
  • Ridiculously nasty rasp
  • Heavy, bust ’em-in-the-lips volume
  • Open Water style with the added forgiveness of a second reed
  • Double portion of power for doubly powerful calling


Fair Lady Duck Call

  • Arkansas-style double reed
  • Sweet, feminine styling
  • Medium volume and a seriously ducky tone
  • Free function for simple operation
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced callers alike


Sucker Punch Goose Call

  • Short-reed design
  • Back pressure designed to provide foolproof operation
  • Smaller size allows for super performance
  • Smaller size allows for super performance
  • Thin-walled insert gives a special “buzz” for killer moans, clucks and honks
  • Amazing performance and moxie at an extraordinary value