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Oakley Partners with Outdoor Television Shows

Banded Nation television programs “The Fowl Life” and “Dead Dog Walkin’” are thrilled to begin a new partnership with Oakley Sunglasses. Oakley’s motto “inspired by athletes who see everyday eyewear as an expression of personality,” fits perfectly with the show’s commitment to expressing the outdoor way of life. Oakley representative Nate Smith conveyed his enthusiasm for the venture. “Oakley is excited to partner with Chad Belding and Banded Nation. Chad’s passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors and his craft mirror that of Oakley’s for designing and building the best products possible,” he said.

“Eyewear plays a key role in our hunts and excursions,” Chad explained. “Having multiple lens options allow the hunter to adapt to changing weather conditions. From bright sun to overcast, anything Mother Nature decides to throw at us, we know Oakley will keep our eyes protected.” He also praised the multiple practical designs in the Oakley line. “From sporting eyewear to specific tactical eyewear, Oakley encompasses it all. We are very happy to be associated with such an iconic brand.”

“The Fowl Life” can be seen on the Outdoor Channel while “Dead Dog Walkin’” airs on The Sportsmans Channel. Check your local listings for new episodes.

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