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Team Carone

By August 5, 2015community

Rick Carone – Father to 2 beautiful daughters, brother, and friend to everyone he comes in contact with. In 2013 Rick was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This battle he fights has shown us all how to turn a negative into a positive by which he lives his life. He not only fights this battle with grace and continues to win, but more importantly inspires through his faith. He started a non profit the Team Carone Foundation 501(c) (3) which raises money for cancer research and scholarships. Rick continues to live a life where he puts others first and uses his situation to inspire and spread Gods word through fundraisers, speeches, and the show he is on Sheep Shape that appears on the Sportsman’s Channel.

If you would like to get involved with Team Carone please visit:

About FSP: It all started out as a joking matter about flying squirrels between Rick and Kristi. Kristi would call him the FSP CEO. In March of 2015, Kristi decided to manifest Flying Squirrel Producktions into reality and use the inspiration Rick gives her into a way to help support him and the Team Carone Foundation-501 (C) (3). Kristi’s plan is to write a children’s book to honor Rick and the amazing character, faith and perseverance he exudes. The main character of the book “Ricky” being a flying squirrel that is based after Rick…

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