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Corning Ford Dealership

The number one Ford dealership on the west coast

We work with partners who support the culture and lifestyle of the the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are very close to the hearts of each and every person who owns and works at Corning Ford! From their customer service, to expertise, to selection of Super Duty FORD Pick-Up Trucks, Corning Ford has everything it takes to make a truck buying experience first class! And they can get you the truck of your dreams no matter where you live! We are proud to work with them on many different levels and can’t wait to launch some special projects with them in the near future!

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Outdoor Adventure Tires

Tires That Can Take What Waterfowl Hunters Dish Out!

We run the highways, freeways, and backroads of America on a daily basis throughout the entire year! Whether we are chasing the immigration or attending a summer cook out, we depend on our tires and wheels to get us to our destinations safe and secure! We want to be comfortable while knowing we are getting everything we expect from our tires. Mickey Thompson has a reputation for reliability and that is what we've experienced driving to the duck blind and the roughed off-road terrain of Nevada. We have driven thousands of miles of highway on them and put them through the test in the stickiest mud our country has to offer! Their entire selection is as legit as tires and wheels come and you can rest assured that you will never put another brand on your rig once you make the choice to run Mickey Thompson!

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Bodyguard Truck Accessories

Superior strength and quality

Not only do our bumpers make our rigs look way tougher than we actually are, they keep us safe from everything that comes our way in our travels. Whether it’s deer crossing the highway, needing to move round bales in a field, or just the aesthetics of a damn good looking bumper, Bodyguard Bumpers has elevated their brand to the highest levels in the industry! Whether you are a farmer or a rancher or a hunter or a driver, check out their entire line of bumpers for your vehicle. They cover the spectrum for all vehicle makes and they do it with class and integrity and of course, the Made in America value! For your front or rear bumper and running board needs, make sure you protect your truck and your family with Bodyguard!

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Rigid Industries

Light Up Your Decoy Spread

We work in the dark....a lot! We drive into farm fields in the dark. We access private property in the dark. We set up decoys in the dark. We build blinds in the dark. Not anymore. We rely on Rigid Industries to light it up. Our partnership with Rigid has matured into one that gives us the confidence that they will continue to innovate their lighting selection. It literally blows our mind when we see the world with their lights on! Check them out and get turned on.

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Smitty Bilt

Feel confident when the road to the blind gets challenging

In 1956, Basil Smith, also known as “Smitty”, started a small machine shop in his garage. Being one of the original four-wheel drive enthusiasts, his chief concern was to develop four wheel drive equipment for trucks and small SUVs (Jeeps). Over the years, Smitty’s son, Tom Smith, worked with his dad and then later at “Smittybilt” after the business flourished. Having been exposed to the four-wheel drive lifestyle his entire life, Tom was able to conceive innovative product ideas geared towards the growing off-road industry just like himself.

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Truck caps, toppers and camper shells

We are in different locations in all different parts of the country during the duck hunting season. We might be parked in a hotel parking lot for the night. We might be in a fast food drive through. We might be driving through Montana to get to North Dakota for a mallard Duck Hunt. We might be getting hammered by rain or snow as we chase the wild duck migration. We have to have our gear protected from criminals and the weather and earth elements at all times! This is why we secure our truck beds with LEER Tops, period! LEER provides that sense of security and confidence that we need in order to perform on a daily basis. We can’t be falling asleep at a Marriot with the worry that someone is into our stuff. Nor can we shy away from storms just because we can’t let our luggage and cameras get wet! Our dogs are warm and safe; our gear is dry and organized, and we can let our guard down when we see those four letters across our camper shells! We value our partnership with LEER and are humbled that we get to work with such an iconic brand and leading authority in automotive accessories!

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Xtreme Diesel

Off Road Truck & Jeep Parts

When 4 Wheel Parts opened its doors in 1961, the motto was "Quality Parts, Lowest Prices, Fastest Service and Fully Guaranteed."" Powered by that attitude, 4 Wheel Parts grew from a one-person operation to the global leader in truck, Jeep, SUV and off-road performance products.

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