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Alex Crosby

Alex Crosby started hunting as soon as he could safely shoot a shotgun; he lugged his single shot .410 behind his Dad every hunting season. The outdoor lifestyle is in his blood; he comes from a long line of sportsman in his family, and continues to keep the tradition alive today. Alex loves to chase everything from big game to predators, and has made it not only his passion, but his career. This is a family affair for Alex, both his older brothers as well as his mom and dad can be regularly found on the back roads of Nevada pursuing the outdoor lifestyle. Recently Alex was hired on to the staff of Banded Productions, and over sees the daily operation, and inner workings of this thriving outdoors business. Hunting predators has become one of his favorite sports, and filming for Dead Dog Walking consumes most of his free time. “There is nothing like seeing a coyote charge into a stand sometimes inside of a few yards, it really gets your adrenaline flowing!” Hunting is deeply ingrained in Alex’s life, and will remain there forever. “I am proud to say I am an American Hunter, and I have been Banded!”

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