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Buck Paradise

Buck Paradise┬áis Saskatchewan’s Premiere Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, and Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter!

Buck Paradise Outfitters, operated by Grant and Lana and his two sons, Garet and Ian, of Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan. It offers some of the best hunting in Western Canada. Grant was raised on a farm in the Paradise Hill area and he worked as a guide in his favorite hunting areas for many years. When Buck Paradise Outfitters became available he was ready to go on his own, and the result has been great hunting and a lot of satisfied clients.


Ranger Creek Goose

Experience West Texas Wingshooting
With Ranger Creek Goose!

West Texas provides endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Here a rich farming heritage meets historical cowboy ranches creating a wingshooting paradise. From September Dove & Teal to January Waterfowl & Cranes there is always something to pursue..