We are in different locations in all different parts of the country during the duck hunting season. We might be parked in a hotel parking lot for the night. We might be in a fast food drive through. We might be driving through Montana to get to North Dakota for a mallard Duck Hunt. We might be getting hammered by rain or snow as we chase the wild duck migration. We have to have our gear protected from criminals and the weather and earth elements at all times! This is why we secure our truck beds with LEER Tops, period! LEER provides that sense of security and confidence that we need in order to perform on a daily basis. We can’t be falling asleep at a Marriot with the worry that someone is into our stuff. Nor can we shy away from storms just because we can’t let our luggage and cameras get wet! Our dogs are warm and safe; our gear is dry and organized, and we can let our guard down when we see those four letters across our camper shells! We value our partnership with LEER and are humbled that we get to work with such an iconic brand and leading authority in automotive accessories!