Based in Loreauville Louisiana, Gator-Tail, the original belt-driven surface drive motor, is the one that changed the game. From a research project in college, this technological marvel has grown to drive the market in little over a decade. The next decade has begun with the evolution of their product from a niche market to a world-wide marine presence. Gator-Tail surface drive motors will prove to be the most reliable way to get you places you never though possible.

Gator-Tail Outboards is the vision of Kyle Broussard. While finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisiana, the concept for Gator-Tail Outboards was born. Kyle drew upon his three years of professional experience as an outboard mechanic and used his intimate knowledge as a lifetime boating, hunting and fishing enthusiast to design a superior product. This unique patented design was the first mud motorĀ of its kind to hit the market. His innovative solution provides increased thrust and drivability, while delivering relatively maintenance free operation.