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Confused About Which Gun Safe To Buy? Clay Gives His Advice has an informative article on helping you choose the right gun safe to buy. Clay Belding was interviewed to share what he thinks you should be looking for when buying a safe. From our experience Liberty Safes are the number one gun safe! In addition to being a quality product, Liberty Safe is perfect for sportsmen with the ability to configure the shelving to fit long guns and hand guns . Read full article here.

The most important features a safe should have are:

  • Protection (can’t break into it)
  • Fireproof (min 2hr)
  • Lights when opened
  • Power supply inside
  • Dehumidifier
  • Customizable interior
  • Minimum 10 locking bars
  • Mechanical lock
  • Fits all gun types (pistol to very long guns)

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