Keith Allen

Keith is quoted as saying, “sometimes I hate that hunting ducks got in my blood the way it did.” His life is an extraordinary example of a die-hard, year ‘round waterfowler. Whether hunting or scouting in-season, preparing boats, blinds and equipment for the upcoming season, or working to improve others’ chances for a successful season by giving calling/hunting instruction and designing and producing new hunting products and calls, there is no one who gives more to or who is more passionate about our sport and sharing its wonders with others. While Keith loves almost every aspect of waterfowling, especially the locations where waterfowl are found and the fascinating equipment and tactics used in various regions all over the world, his greatest fascination is using a call to fool mallards into landing on the water in close range.

Keith considers himself most fortunate to be able to provide for his family, beautiful wife Hallie and amazing daughter Lucy, by working in the waterfowl industry as the manager of the hunting call branch of Banded and being an integral member of the family of like-minded waterfowlers known as “Banded Nation”. After several successful years of competing in the sport of contest calling, including being a three-time finalist in the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest, he felt most honored to have been selected as a judge for the 2011 World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, Ar. Keith is currently enjoying traveling the country and serving to bring the thrills and spills, highs and lows, sights and sounds, and sheer joy of waterfowling to a national audience alongside his old buddy Chad Belding as co-host of the television show, “The Fowl Life”.