DECKED is a weatherproof truck bed toolbox that is engineered and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. This incredibly durable truck storage system has worked really well keeping our waterfowl hunting gear organized and safe.

When it comes to consistent success in our field, organization is the key. Our DECKED Systems have given us the ability to be organized for each kind of hunt depending on what we have in front of us. We can organize our DECKEDDECKED drawers for the week or we can pack them for each day. Our goal is to know exactly what we will need for each hunt and when we open our drawers, there are never any surprises. This includes gear from guns, ammo, boots, game calls, first aid kits, snacks, dog collars, you name it!! The pride that comes with knowing how organized we are is unparalleled! With the ability to lock both drawers and tailgate as double protection, we are rest assured that we will never wake up to any surprises. Plain and simple, DECKED has made our lives easier. We have every piece of gear in place right where it needs to be so we can make sure our hunts go according to plan!


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